The weather outside is frightful, but it doesn't seem to bother the Icy Krampus.

Trudging through the snow, this OOAK art doll is looking for a new home to make his base.

Made from faux fur with a wire armature and can be posed, resin face and polymer clay hands, hooves and horns. 


Based upon the Germanic folklore figure, Krampus himself. This is our unique take on Krampus and was inspired by the snowy regions that he might visit. 


This is a one off design and won't be made again. 


Depending on where y0u are located, we might not be able to send the little stick bundle. 


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Icy Krampus OOAK Art Doll


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  • Stands at 37 cms tall.

    Made from faux fur, foam, resin, epoxy clay.

    Poseable wire armature.

    Hand painted.

     Comes with chains, bells and a stick bundle.