New for 2021, we here at The Forgotten Imp are undertaking a fun, adventurous project! We are setting a course to travel to The Realm of the Forgotten Imp.

This is going to be a long term and ever growing project in which we will learn about the lands that our company mascot, Impy comes from. We will learn about all the creatures that are denizens of the Realm and the different and wonderful habitats they call home.

The project will be presented in a mix of illustrative images, field notes, stories and photoshoots with artdolls/maquettes.

Over on our Patreon, The Realm of the Forgotten Imp, you can find the design processes for the creatures, see early and ever evolving concept sketches, and even have the chance every month to help build an exclusive Patreon creature. You will see creatures come to life from doodles, anatomical studies, different concept sketches including unused designs, learn how we build the 3d models and sets, see how the stories change, take part in polls and be the first to get access to merch. Finished artworks, stories and designs will be published on our blog. If you would like to help support this new adventure and get to see how the world is crafted and even have a helping hand, then please join our Imp community on Patreon today!

We are super excited to bring this world to life!

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