Here at The Forgotten Imp, we like to delve into worlds and realms real and mystical. But sometimes it's not feasible to create a life size tea-party scene in the woods between woodland creatures, or photograph a Yeti on his snowboarding holiday. So using old school modelling techniques, these scenes can be achieved with miniature pose-able models/dolls : aka Artdolls!

    We create two ranges of Artdolls, those based directly on our animal friends and others based on mythical and imagined beasts. Custom Artdolls can also be produced too, just get in touch today.

On our social media accounts you will find our latest creations as well as travel stories of our own wee Impy Artdoll and mascot. 

Our Artdolls are all handmade and can use a variety of  in house techniques and materials, such as hand sculpted heads, 3d printed elements and silicone components. They are also built using an armature which makes them perfectly pose-able for you to create your own stories.

We do have some creatures looking for adoption in our shop, so please take a look .

Adult Fruit Bat Wrap
Brown Mouse
Icy Krampus
Mister Grimm
The Forgotten Imp
Xmas Brown Mouse
Adult Fruit Bat Wrap
Xmas Light Brown Mouse
Baby Fruit Bat Wraps
Xmas Re animator Rat
Mountain Krampus
Custom Client Mice