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So who exactly is The Forgotten Imp? Well there are 3 key members of the team

Firstly there is Chief Purple Imp. She is the managing Director of the company and is the artist in charge of all the work that is created and produced at IMP HQ. Chief Purple Imp has a background in sculpture and has been working fulltime in the creative industry for the last 9 years. Her past professions include her time as an SFX artist within the UK TV industry, running the "Little School of Horrors", a kids club for SFX and prop making, and freelancing in independent film making before founding The Forgotten Imp in 2016. She now oversees the creation of props for clients within Larping, Cosplay, Fursuiting, and the Entertainment Industry as well selling artdolls and handmade products to people all over the world online.


Then we have Impy, the mascot of The Forgotten Imp. What he does exactly can be a total mystery! Though he certainly eats all the cookies and biscuits. But behind the scenes he does help to keep the team motivated and stocked up on essential cups of tea. You can follow his adventures from time to time on our social media sites.  

Lastly we come to Tech Imp. You won't hear much from him directly as he's usually busy with some gadget or piece of technology somewhere in IMP HQ. When needed he helps out Chief Purple Imp, by overseeing the 3d design work needed for the in-house 3d printers as well as programming the more complicated lighting elements for costume and prop commissions.



Here at The Forgotten Imp, our main focus is to bring your ideas to life!

Whether it's a creature suit or an animal prop for filming, props for your larp/cosplay character, a maquette of your illustration characters for a tradeshow or simply a OOAK mask for a masquerade, we can work with you to realise the project.

In certain projects that we undertake, you might  find the following processes  being used : In-house designing, 3d printing (Resin and Filament), mould making, sculpting, fabrication, airbrushing, making of prosthetics, patterning, and a whole host more!

Our work is very much grounded in a fantasy theme and heavily inspired by nature around us. We are very much influenced by folklore and mythological tales from around the world. That being said , we do also work heavily in a realism area with our focus on animals specifically.  If you feel we fit your project, then please get in touch with us today!



One of the main ways that you can support our business is through a custom order. However we do also have other ways that you can support The Forgotten Imp. Here they are!

You can stay up to date with all our projects and client works through our social media accounts. 
We have a Facebook and 2 Instagram accounts (One for prop making and another for our world building project: The Realm Of The Forgotten Imp) 

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For WIP (work in progress) pictures, tutorials, timelapse videos of projects, you can subscribe monthly to exclusive behind the scenes content only available to Patrons through this platform. Or if you prefer creatures and cryptid based content, theres a tier for that too!

Click on the icon to go direct to the Patreon site.


We don't just do custom client work, we do also make a variety of items for our online shop. From premade artdolls, animal jewellery, wildlife photography, larp potion vials, 3d printed facemasks to small models and other wonderfully odd trinkets! Each item is handmade and therefore unique. We do ship worldwide. You can find our online shop right here on this website!

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